Garden Veggies and Roasting Anaheim Peppers

Wow, these heirloom tomatoes are producing even now, and the Anaheim chiles are going crazy. I stuffed some a few weeks ago, and found that you really do need to roast and peel these; the skin just doesn’t get soft with cooking, so it needs to go. So I spent an overcast, chilly Saturday roasting, peeling and freezing probably 5 pounds or so of Anaheims – wish I’d thought to weight them before I started, but oh well :-)

Garden Veggies

I did find a few recipes the Anaheims will come in handy for this winter:

Anaheim peppers
Anaheim peppers ready for roasting

Roasted Anaheim peppers
After roasting under the broiler for 8-10 minutes

Anaheim peppers in freezer bags
Most recipes I found call for 1/3 cup of roasted Anaheim peppers, so I froze them in snack-size bags, then put those inside freezer bags.

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3 Responses to “Garden Veggies and Roasting Anaheim Peppers”

  • Joelen says:

    What a colorful bounty! I love that you roasted peppers in advance and froze them in portions. Such a great idea and time saving tip!

  • KimL says:

    Hey, Joelen, thanks :-) It never seems to stop. I’m off work today, went out into the backyard and came back with 8 tomatoes, 7-8 Kung Pao peppers, and 5-6 Anaheim peppers. Enough already! ;-) Not really, I’m glad it’s been so prolific.

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