First Kayaking Trip to Richmond in 2008

So, last weekend, Dan, Danny B. and I decided to head up to James River Park in Richmond and get some kayaking in. Saturday was bright, warm and beautiful – we spent that day weeding and planting in the herb and veggie gardens. Sunday I was expecting more of the same weather, but nooooooo – it was cool and overcast. And on the drive up to Richmond, it started raining. Well, gee, that doesn’t sound like much fun – rainy, cloudy, cool and on the river, in 6-foot high water.

Dan and Danny went, but … I changed my mind, and went shopping instead 🙂 Got some lovely pressed glass dessert dishes at Tuesday Morning, and wandered around an Asian grocery store. Didn’t see anything I had to have, but it was interesting to look around.

So here are Dan and Danny, checking out the river. Hmmm, do we really want to do this?

Dan and Danny checking out the James River

Yes! Yes, we do! Kim, are you sure you don’t want to go? Yes, I’m sure, you guys have fun. I’ll pick you up at the takeout.

And here they are actually going in. We got lucky – Danny had been in touch with a couple of people from Richmond’s wild and crazy paddling group, the Corn Youth Alliance, and they waited for us, so Dan and Danny had some people to paddle with.

Dan and Danny taking off

Bye, guys! See you at Reedy Creek!

Going down the river

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5 Responses to “First Kayaking Trip to Richmond in 2008”

  • Dan says:

    The Corn Youth guys were great. They worked with us on water rescues, and even got to try one out for real with my sinking at Choo-Choo. But the finale of the trip was our stop at the famous micro-brewry Legends in Richmond. loved the brown ale and porter they make there.

  • KimL says:

    Ah, you’re right – I totally forgot to mention Legends. I’ll fix it 🙂

    And thanks to the CYA for saving your life at Choo-Choo 😉

  • Dan says:

    Hi Kim, looks good. Just a bit of correction, we didn’t paddle actually with the CYA. They were already on the river. They were just a few guys from the Coastal Canoeist website. Brandon (aka Slo2rol), Shawn (aka hvnorol), Rob (aka Scubaman), Brenden (aka..I don’t know) and maybe another guy..can’t remember his name. Anyway it was great..and like I said…”Ya gotta want it” Those guys were great for waiting for us. I think is is unwise to boat with less than 3 people. That is just me.

    Lew was def on the learning curve with the new boat. And me as his “life partner” in paddling (we got the same boat) had a great time. The only way to improve the day would be better weather and you along for the float.

    Legends was great as usual. Gotta want…the lager!

  • KimL says:

    Whoops, too many paddlers on the river to keep track of 🙂 Good thing. I’m just glad you guys had some more people to hang out with on the river. You’re right, it’s best to paddle with a crowd. See ya soon 🙂

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